Benjamin Valetta Shout 1812 – 1860

There is a temptation to think that Benjamin Valetta Shout (1812 – 1860) was the son of John Shout the ship owner who named two of his children after exotic places he may have sailed to but regrettably I can find no evidence of this. In census returns he says that he was born in Malta but there the trail goes cold!

Benjamin married Charlotte Jane Kelly (1824 – 1900) in Ireland

They had 6 children that I have found so far

Anne Elizabeth (1845 – ) born in Dublin. Possible marriage 1867 in Stepney

Benjamin Thomas (1847 – ) born in Warwick. Became a lighterman on the River Thames. He was bound  to William Samual Page of Wapping on 13th January 1863 until 9th February 1869. Page was Master of the Company of Lightermen in 1871. In 1901 he is recorded in the census in Bournemouth “living on his own means”.

Charlotte Jane (1850 – 1904) born in Warwick, died in Holborn unmarried

Margaret Mary (1852 – ) married William Henry Newell in Stepney 1873, but no further details found

Alfred William (1854 – 1935) married  Agnes Honora Checkland. They had 2 children –

Alfred James ( 1881- 1950) married Mary Julia Goggin in 1905, and

Agnes Honora (1882 – 1976) did not marry

John Richard (1858 – 1952) In 1928 travelled to Australia and in 1938 went to New Zealand, both times from UK. He died in Wellington New Zealand and is a root of the New Zealand branch of the tree. For further information on him and his descendants go to New Zealand page