John Shout – Shipowner

This John Shout was married to Anne Twislington, and was a ship owner in Portsmouth. I believe he originated in Yorkshire, probably the son of John and Mary of Stockton

His first two children were possibly named after voyages he had made eg

Mary Montevideo (1808 – ) married Wonderful Chertsey in 1832 in Shoreditch, London. He was a glass maker but no further details have been found in census or death records. Wonderful was a member of the Guild of Glassmakers but their information is also limited

James Tagus (1809 Lisbon – 1872) ; Pawnbroker and silversmith in Knightsbridge, London married Jane Margaret Page 1840 in Shoreditch.

They had Caroline Ann; James Tagus; William; Christopher,  and Catherine

the remainder of John and Anne’s children- all born later-  had more “normal” names.

Ann Elizabeth (1815 – 1860);

The first three children were baptised in Portsmouth but the rest in London

Jane Sarah (1817 – );

Margaret Rebecca (1819 – ); married John Bland Smith in Shoreditch 1843

George Richards (1821 – );

Thomas Hammond (1824 – 1879). Mahogany importer and dealer. I have details of an action against him in the Court of Chancery in dispute with his business partner. More details to come…

There is also a supposed son John (  – 1842) whose date of birth I cannot find. The only link I have made is that in his will dated 1841 he leaves everything to his sister Mary Montivideo Chertsey ( changed a few months later in a codicil to include Elizabeth Palmer a widow of Bishopwearmouth). He died in Bishopwearmouth.

The family moved to London, living in the Battersea /Lambeth area. John appears to have had a number of business interests including a gravel barge, which is advertised for sale after his death.

John was recorded as the owner of a ship General Greenfield or Grinfield. Presumably named after the General who commanded  British troops in the Windward and Leeward Islands  in the Caribbean during the Napoleonic Wars.




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