William Shout (1748 – 1826)

William Shout, the son of William Shout, who served as the Master Mason at York Minster for many years (more details on the York Minster page) baptised in Helmsley  and buried in Huntington, on the outskirts of York. His grave has the following inscription

In a vault beneath are interred the remains of William Shout, Mason, who for 40 years with credit to himself and satisfaction to his employers conducted the repairs and restoration of York Cathedral. He died on the 20th  day of July 1826, aged 76

A marriage licence was issued on 6th June 1801, in which his age is given as 40+ and his status as bachelor, and his wife to be was Hannah Buck a widow of 35+. They married on 7th June.


He appears in directories for the city as a mason in the Beddern area and seems to have been quite a shrewd business man with interests in a number of properties, some of which are described in his will.

In his will he makes bequests to his brothers Benjamin, John,nephew William Thompson (farmer of Brompton), nephew George Shout and niece Mary Granger (the children of Benjamin), nieces Jane Hutton and Margaret (daughters of late brother Robert), sister Margaret Huthwaite, and a couple of non family bequests.

William Thompson inherits by far the lions share of the estate, which in modern terms was worth about £350,000! However i am not sure by what definition he is nephew unless it is similar to the use of “stepson” around this period. Perhaps he was a cousin from the family of his grandmother Mary Thompson (wife of William 1). Whoever he was he was plainly held in very high regard!