There is a branch of the family in Southern Africa whose migration was relatively recent in genealogical terms. I have contacted them to help fill in the gaps… What I have so far is that Peter Shout with his wife Agnes and two sons travelled aboard the RMS Stirling Castle to Capetown in 1958, from where they went to Rhodesia.

My Aunt Martha Granger Shout spent some time in Rhodesia as a nurse travelling to South Africa in 1949. She was subsequently in Ghana for several years. She served as the principal / sister tutor at the nursing school in Cape Coast. She was there during the time of independence and President Nkrumah. I was briefly in Accra in 1981 working on a project at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The changes between conditions when she was there and my visit were quite striking. From a land of relative plenty Ghana had become a struggling economy with many shortages of basic essentials.

My stay was curtailed by the  second coup of Jerry Rawlings, which occurred while I was back in England for a Christmas break. I never returned!