The first reference to Shouts in Oz

In 1822 John Shout arrived in Sydney as 1st Mate of the ship “Minerva”. He appears several times in the papers of the Colonial Secretary’s office which are available on Ancestry. Of particular note was his letter requesting the allocation of land at Newcastle prior to the arrival of his wife and family.  The request mentions that he has been serving as master of the Colonial Brig “Elizabeth Henrietta” transporting prisoners and supplies to Newcastle. There is a note to the effect that he will be granted 2000 acres of land upon which to build a sawmill and establish permanent residence.

In 1824 he is  shown as serving on the brig “Dragon” of Calcutta as 1st Mate on a voyage to the South Sea Islands from Sydney.

I wonder if he is the son of John Shout and Ann Twislington who I believe later died at Bishopwearmouth? If so what happened to his family – did they get to Australia? why did he come back to England?

The next reference

In 1896  Mr & Mrs Edgar James Temple Crutchley,(she was Ismay Bellew, the daughter of Emily Harriet Bellew nee Shout  and he was the son of Robert Crutchley and Emily Bellew so they appear to be at least cousins who married in Manhattan in 1890) with mother Emily Harriet and her sisters LS Shout and CJ Shout aboard SS Oruba headed for Albany WA. These three ladies ages are incorrectly recorded on the passenger list as 34,27 and 25 when they are in fact 71, 68 and 59!

In addition to these three sisters, their brothers Augustus Charles Shout and Henry Chetwynd Shout also migrated to Australia. It would seem that of the children of Charles Lutwyche Shout, only Robert Howard Shout remained in England. The only reference to an H C Shout is in the passenger list of SS Orizaba departing London 15th March 1901  describes his occupation as miner born 1870, but in the 1851 census he is recorded as a lithographer age 17. Maybe there is another H C Shout waiting to be found!

Other  Shouts found (but not fully investigated yet!)

E M Shout (born about 1868) saloon stewardess on  SS Konoowarra in 1897 sailing between Queensland & Sydney, SS Peregrine sailing between Melbourne & Sydney in 1902 and several years following, SS Leura in 1903, SSDorset in 1909.