January 2019

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that the new year will be all that you wish.

Once again I have allowed myself to be distracted by other family lines with just the occasional dabble with SHOUTs. One such is George Shout, resident in the Watermans Asylum in Penge. This establishment was an Alms House for the benefit of Thames watermen but I have yet to place him in the scheme of things.

I have added a new page for DNA related topics. I would love to hear from anyone else delving into this topic.

Attempts at making contact with others researching Shouts through Ancestry Member Trees have had very limited success. Whether because people aren’t reveiwing the messages or just not bothering to respond (positively or negatively) I cannot tell.

Oh well , on that depressing note I shall go and delve some more!

December 2018

First of all – Christmas Greetings – to all my readers !

This month has been busy analysing publicly available BMDs for Shouts in Australia. Unfortunately progress is slow due to distractions with other trees but once I make the necessary connections I will update the Australia page.

If there is anyone out there who has Shout connections in Australia / New Zealand (or anywhere else come to that) I would really love to hear from you.

A DNA test kit from Ancestry is reputedly on Santa’s sleigh so if anyone has done a test – please get in touch

Again – best wishes for Christmas and the coming year





November 2018

Having had a bit of a lull from my one name tree searching, filling out the twigs on the tree of a cousin I am now back in the Shout seeking mode.

I had heard that there was a prodigal son who took himself off to the West Indies having fallen out with his father. Evidence is hard to come by, but initial analysis of Family Search records for the island of Jamaica show several occurrences of the family. As a result I am now producing a page for Jamaica which will be topped up from time to time as information is found.


I have also added another Robert Shout to my list of people I can’t place

August 2018

Well this has been an eventful month, with surgery to remove a troublesome gall bladder. This was preceded by two weeks of relative purgatory having a milk diet. This entailed drinking four pints of milk daily as well as a couple of pints of other fluids – nothing with sugar and no solids! The highlight of each day was a drink made from a stock cube. But it was worth it as the surgery went without a hitch and I was in and out of hospital the same day.

I have spent some time piecing together as much as I can from the usual on line resources about the family name in Devon. Still not much detail but something to work on when I get an opportunity. Clearly the limitations of on line resources coming into play here.

Nothing much else to report and already late posting!!

July 2018

It has certainly been a hot month but no Hot discoveries unfortunately!

I have recently started trying to pin down some of the DEVON connections.

There are several instances of SHOUT baptisms, marriages or burials in the FamilySearch.org website. There are also a number of occurrences in the 1841 and 1851 censuses on the big three UK genealogical sites. I am in the throes of trying to identify which families can be reconstructed so it may take some time for this to materialise.

If you go to the Devon page you will find what has been worked out thus far (although research at the relevant archives is desirable…!) This is still a work in progress and basically an hypothesis rather than confirmed fact.

Other than that I am still trying to fill in gaps (dates etc) in my tree.

Good hunting!


June 2018

Well, having returned from an idyllic couple of weeks holiday  in Madeira I’m getting down to updating all my pages which had copies of items from Ancestry, Find My Past etc and were thus in danger of contravening copyright as mentioned in my May post. Wherever possible I will try to include a link to the original source.

In addition, to do something more interesting I have embarked on looking into some of the overseas instances of the name – starting with New Zealand. This then turned up some anomalies in my Family Historian Records so I am having to check / correct some of those entries too.

I have also found a line of Shouts in Jamaica who ended up in New York – but they are a job for another day!!



Having just received an email from the GOONS web site team regarding copyright issues for stuff copied from Ancestry: Find My Past etc I fear I will be spending some time transcribing any offending items.

April 2018

This month I have been inputting / editing data held on the “Lost Cousins” web site. Within a very short time I had a response from a Lincolnshire branch cousin with several items of serendipity. A couple of other potential matches have not yet made contact , but I live in hopes!

Contacts with other “names” cousins have also been made, but other than that not a lot of progress to report (and next month -May – will be limited too as off to Madeira for some chill out time!)

March 2018

This month has been taken up mainly with researching, collating and writing up the families of Benjamin and Robert Shout the statuaries of Holborn.  They seem to have established themselves as fairly wealthy with their names appearing in many land tax and poor law returns in various parts of London. There are many examples of their work on the internet and I hope to get to view some of them.

Many of the children of Charles Lutwyche are listed in censuses as being of independent means. Charles’ will is long and particularly convoluted (to a non lawyer at least) leaving much of his estate in trusts – but not clear who benefits from them.

I have just “found” another Major Shout – he is on the list of “unknowns” as the only information I have so far is his burial in 1737.

Come back again next month to see what else has turned up!

February 2018

I have added a couple more people to the page of Those I can’t place, the list gets longer but I am so busy trying to tidy up the pages for those I do know about that I never get round to these puzzles. Maybe one day there will be a flash of light – or someone out there will be able to point me in the right direction – ever the optimist! As part of this process I have reversed the order in which items appear. Now the newest is at the top to save scrolling down an ever increasing list.

I have been modifying the page dedicated to Benjamin Shout, the oilman of London. It includes a couple of earlier Benjamins whose origins are unknown, and also describes as much as possible Benjamin’s life and his family connections.

I have also commenced a stand alone page for Robert Shout the statuary and his line. They are an interesting group. – more to come on both of these branches…