Family Search® has several entries for  Shout events in Cornwall. There are also a few on the FreeBMD site. Unfortunately all of the latter have a comment that these should be recorded as STROUT. When I did a search on FreeBMD for STROUT entries there were significantly more than of the handful of SHOUTS. Going back to FreeSearch  looking for STROUTs again gives a much larger number – some of the Christian names are the same as the SHOUTs but with different offspring and /or spouse. I fear that without examining the original registers or at least the microfilms I am not going to crack this particular nut without a visit to TNA at Kew.

Using the excellent On Line Parish Clerk for Cornwall  site I have found several Shouts worth following up some of whom lived in North Cornwall and others in South East Cornwall.


16 Nov 1708     at St Mellion John Shout and Grace Makes

28 Dec 1724     at St Mellion Henry Shout and Mary Leare

14 Sep 1774   at Egloshayle Robert Shout and Elizabeth Trenouth

16 Feb 1792   at St Mabyn Robert Shout and Mary Harvey (also shown as 1790)

4 Nov 1843   at St Clement William Shout and Thomasin Rawle (groom resident of Endellion)

28 Sep 1878   at St Kew Jonathan Thomas Shout and Sarah Treverton (groom resident of Endellion, son of James Shout)


28 Dec 1656 Martha Shout (born 19 Dec 1656) daughter of Thomas and Thomsin Shout 

13 May 1764 at Egloshayle Mary Shout daughter of Robert Shout and Elizabeth Shout  **

5 July 1767 at Egloshayle Robert son of Robert Shout and Elizabeth  **

25 May 1838   at St Endellion Mary Elizabeth Shout daughter of John Shout (seaman of St Isaac) and Mary 

16 Jul 1890 at Camborne Arthur Shout (born 6 Aug 1889)son of John Shout (miner)and Margaret 

** note that these two baptisms take place some ten years prior to possible parents marriage !? Or are there two Robert & Elizabeths?