There were a few Shouts who made their home in Darlington.

Major Major Shout (1770 – 1841~1851?) was born in Helmsley, married Sarah Massheder in Whitby (1793) and possibly died in Darlington. In the 1841 census he is shown as a linen weaver. His son Major Shout  (1794 – 1842) born in Stokesley, married Ann Whorlton in Hutton Rudby (1815)and died in Darlington.In 1841 he was a tallow chandler.

TMajor Shouthe third generation Major Shout (1816 – 1888) born in Hutton Rudby, followed in the tallow chandler business. In 1844 he applied to join The Society of Friends (Quakers) and was finally accepted in 1846. In 1847, he married Ann Mason, born in Beighton Derbyshire, who came from a long line of influential Quakers so perhaps she was the reason for his wish to join the Friends. This photo of Major was provided by Barbara Shout via Ancestry.co.uk, although I don’t know its date. Ann was buried in the Friends Burial Ground. This photo is from the Find A Grave site 

r and Ann had six children that I know of:-

165999730_1471599555.jpg (1536×2048)

Major Mason Shout (1848 – 1869) The photo at right is from findagrave.com. The stone is in the Friends Burial Ground, Darlington, as is the one above for his mother Ann.

William Shout (1850 – 1924) married Minnie Jane West (1855 – 1909). Minnie was born in Sydney, the daughter of Theodore West who was a leading figure in the Darlington meeting of Friends and is mentioned in various articles on the early railway development including the Stockton to Darlington. They moved to Northallerton

Sarah Ann Shout (1852 – 1924) married Arthur Eddington  and was the mother of the world famous astronomer and physicist Arthur Stanley Eddington  who confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity. Details of his illustrious career can be found on Wikipedia and other web sites including this one for his obituary .

Elizabeth Mason Shout (1854 – 1931) married Robert Brearley Oddie  who was a teacher at the Ackworth School, the Friends boarding school in Yorkshire. In 1881 he became the Superintendent of the Friends School at Sibford near Banbury in Oxfordshire. The school is still operating and details can be found here. Paul Eddington the late actor of “Yes Minister” fame among other successes, was a pupil at this school.

Jane Shout (1857 – 1947) appears never to have married. She died at Home Farm, Sibford Ferris where she  lived with the Wealsby family.

Gulielma Shout (1859 – 1933) married John Lamb also a farmer at Sibworth Ferris. They had five children.