The story of Shouts in Sunderland starts with Robert (2) (1734-97), son of Robert Shout(1) and Margaret Driffield. Robert (2) who with his wife Mary Moorhouse had 6 children – Ann (1763 – 1801); Mary (1765 – );Robert (1768 – 1849); Jane (1772 – 1847) and Mathew (1774 – 1817). Robert was one of the dynasty of civil engineers who were instrumental in the development of the port of Sunderland. Their story can be found here

Of the children, Ann married Jurdison Davie a shipowner and sailmaker  in 1788- they had 7 children.

Mary married Joshua Ashton also a shipowner – they had 3 children.

Robert (3) married Christiana Henderson – they had 3 children. He later married Sarah Johnson a widow.Robert  was a grocer, dealer & chapman who was declared bankrupt in 1794. He was a member of Phoenix Lodge in Sunderland.

Margaret married John Hardcastle, thought to be the owner of what became known as Hardcastles Quay – they had 11 children,

Jane married Thomas Mordey ( shipowner and coal fitter, a member of the significant and illustrious family in the history of Sunderland) – they had 11 children.

Mathew married Jane Dougal in Islington, the only spouse not from Sunderland – they had 2 children.

The will of Robert (2) can be found on the North East Inheritance Project website. It identifies that he was part owner of the vessel Affinity with his two sons in law, and that he left his estate to wife Mary and son Matthew. Matthew  did not leave a will as the same site has only an admon issued to his widow Jane with her brother George Dougal RN and brother in law Thomas Mordey.

Also noteworthy is John Shout who died in Bishopwearmouth in 1841. He was a master mariner and the son of John Shout and Ann Twislington whose story is told elsewhere. His will is also available on North East Inheritance database