Robert Shout Douglas

Robert Shout Douglas (1839 – 1888) born in Sunderland the son of Martin Douglas (1803 – 1878) and Eliza Mordey (1804 – 1880), she was the daughter of Jane Mordey nee Shout (1772 – 1847).  In the 1861 census he was living at home with his parents and sister. He is shown as a ropemaker so was presumably working in his father’s business.In 1865 he  married Jane Eliza Adams of Felton Northumberland. Her family were the local landed gentry residing at Acton Hall.

dscf0013He is recorded on the family memorial in the churchyard of St Michaels Felton.

I am intrigued how a ropemaker in Sunderland met and married the daughter of a landowner half way up Northumberland. After the death of Jane’s father, Robert became the owner of the estate, and appears in a number of newspaper references – not always for the best reason, such as that below from the Morpeth Herald 9th July 1887

                                                                        Suing a Gentleman                                                                                                     John Tully and John Lee, both labourers, of South Acton appeared in support of their claims, amounting to £3 2s 7 1/2d each which they declared was due to them as wages from Mr Robert Shout Douglas, landowner Acton Hall. -Mr Adam Douglas, Solicitor, Alnwick appeared on behalf of the plaintiffs -p Defendant did not appear, and evidence haven been taken, the Bench made an order for the defendant to pay the amounts claimed, together with the costs of each case