There are several instances of SHOUT baptisms, marriages or burials in the website. There are also entries in the 1841 and 1851 censuses on the big three UK genealogical sites. I am in the throes of trying to identify which families can be reconstructed so it may take some time for this to materialise.

Initially I am trying to build up hypotheses of the groupings within towns/villages then see how they may interlink… Many seem to originate in the South Hams area of the county, near the South Coast between Plymouth and Torquay

Stokenham   There is a record in the Society of Genealogists that shows the burial of the daughter of Thomas Shoutt on 1st October 1643. Unfortunately no further details available online – needs to be added to the list of things to do nex time I visit…

Tedburn St Mary The earliest records in Devon as found in Family Search occur in the village of Tedburn St Mary, between Exeter and Okehampton. In February 1655 William, the son of Edward and Elizabeth was christened on the 10th and buried on the 20th. Also in February (17th) there was the christening of Walter, the son of Francis and Ann, who also had Elizabeth christened on 15th November 1657,  followed on 9th March by the christening of Robert, the son of Nathanuel and Mary. Nathanuel and Mary went on to have Thomas christened in May 1658, Nathanuel baptised in Dec 1660 and Mary baptised in April 1667. On 30th January 1669 Edward and Agnis had daughter Mary christened. Could this be the same Edward, as above, but with a second wife.

There is then a gap in the records until:

Stoke Gabriel   a village near Paignton on the South coast of the county, in the area known as the South Hams, where John and Elizabeth had daughter Mary christened on 25th March 1759, followed by Frances on 17th February 1765 and Ann on 20 May 1769. Could they be the same John and Elizabeth who had a son, William, christened in Hartland a peninsula on the North coast of the county on 12th January 1779.

On 4th January 1785 Susannah Shout married John Bramcombe.

On 17th July 1785 Mary Shout had a daughter, also Mary. Is she the illegitimate child of the Mary shown above? Another potential illigitemate child is Elenor Irish Shout, daughter of Agnes, christened 16 May 1790.

Little Hempston (and Broadhempston) also near Paignton, has Walter and Dorothy christening  daughter Dorothy on 11th May 1783 in Broadhempston, followed by John in Littlehempston on 3rd May 1789.

Dean Prior   (also in the South Hams) records that John Shout married Mary Bartlett on 25th October 1785. A John Shout was buried on 11th May 1786. Whether this is the husband or an infant son is not known…

Buckfastleigh a more substantial town near Dean Prior, has a marriage between Mary Shout and Robert Crimp on 27th April 1788. Is this the same Mary as above or another branch of the tree?..

Stoke Fleming (another parish in the South Hams) has Joan Shout marrying John Hutchings on 4th November 1792.

Cockington  has a marriage between Dorothy Shout and Philip Madge on 15th November 1801. Can this be our Dorothy baptised 18 years earlier in Broadhempston?..There are no obvious issue in Devon, searching further afield remains to be done.

Modbury  We move into the 19th century with a series of baptisms in another South Hams parish, the children of Charles  and Elizabeth Shout, Henry baptised 25th February 1803, then brothers John 29th June 1804, and Charles on 11th April 1806, and finally sister Eliza on 3rd April 1808.

Last on this list (at least for now) is the marriage of Elizabeth Shout and Richard Winsor in Totnes  on 26th May 1803

After this there are no mentions of Shouts until they appear in more modern records.

1841 Census

The 1841 Census on Find My Past and Ancestry  has only one Shout, Robert age 13, a farm labourer at Smallock in the parish of Egg Buckland. At this time just a small village, but now absorbed into the city of Plymouth.

The Genealogist site also has John  an Ag Lab (age 55 ); Ann (age 50); Ann (age 20) and Richard (age 2) all born in the county, living at Christow in the parish of Hartland. I would surmise that Richard is the natural son of Ann junior!


1851 Census

In 1851 there is only 17 year old Ag Lab James, born at Cullompton, living at Sampford Spiney, a village on Dartmoor on FMP and Ancestry.

The Genealogist however also has:

John Shout,  aged 59, a shoemaker originally from Buckinghamshire, with his wife Sarah (age 50, born Egg Buckland), and family John (25),  Thomas  (19), William (17)and Elizabeth(11) all born in Egg Buckland

Samuel Shout  born Modbury 1829, Ag Lab in the parish of Woodleigh

1861 Census

1861 again has a single entry, but this is Sara, born Piddidford (? could this be Bideford) in 1841 recorded as a visitor to a home in St Andrews, Plymouth. (Note that no births for any Shouts were recorded in Free BMD for the years 1838 – 1843 in Devon)

1871 – 1891 census

No entries

1901 Census

Only one entry – Thomas, a sailor, but he is a native of Cornwall