The SHOUT line in Jamaica appears to start with Robert Grinfield Shout  thought to be the son of shipowner John and Ann.  An online tree (which I have not been able to open – too mean to pay yet another subscription!) suggests his birth is 1801. This matches with my guesstimate that he was born between his siblings in 1797 and 1807. All references to the Shout name in Jamaica have been taken from Family Search and are worthy of further research.

Robert Grinfield (or Greenfield) Shout is recorded at the christening of his son Robert Edward Shout on 12th May 1839 in the parish of Westmorland, and as the husband of Whilhelmina.  

Another earlier christening shows no details of parents. This is John Henry Shout (Christened 8 February 1823). Examination of the register entry would suggest that this was in fact a 15 year old free mulatto, u

Robert Edward Clarke Shout married Mary Latham but I haven’t yet found the date. (Ironically I have found her second marriage after the death of Robert!)

Robert and Mary had 5 children found thus far.  These are Wilhelmina Maria (christened 13 April 1862), married Josiah Clarke Tomlinson 30 January 1915; Robert Edgar (chr 20 July 1866 died 23 September 1893), ; Samuel James (chr 31 December 1869); Beatrice Augusta (chr 18 June 1874 died Buffalo NY 4 August 1928) married Claudio Stanley Depass 19 December 1893 and William Edward (birth / christening dates unknown) but married Irene Constantia Eastwood (b1870 d 7 December 1942) on 25 December 1901 and he died 23 September 1967

There is also  a record of Robert Thomas Shout, the father of Mary Ann Shout who married 13 August 1884, to Francis Creighton but no further details have been found of this branch.

There are records of   Alice Louisa Shout (b1860 d26 Sep 1906) m Jacob Emanuel Blakeny (b 1847 d 1887) having children Jacob Emanual Blakeney b 7 Nov 1883;  Clatilde Louisa (16/8/1885), Isadore Isabel Ethel (b 27 October 1887); Bircham Antony Jerome Greenfield b 9/4/1895. Although I have no evidence, if she was indeed born in 1860, she could possibly have been the child of Robert and Mary. Of particular note is the 4th name of her son Bircham