John Shout – Shipowner

This John Shout (1769 -1826) was married to Anne Twislington, (1783 – 1860) and was a ship owner in Portsmouth. I believe he originated in Yorkshire,  the son of John and Mary of Stockton.

The family moved from Portsmouth  to London, living in the Battersea /Lambeth area. John appears to have had a number of business interests including a gravel barge, which is advertised for sale after his death. Ancestry have a record of (probably) him renting property in Back Street from St Olave’s Grammar School and being liable for tax assessed at £1:7s:1d. I have no further details what the property was or its use.

John was recorded as the owner of a ship General Greenfield or Grinfield. Probably named after the General who commanded  British troops in the Windward and Leeward Islands  in the Caribbean during the Napoleonic Wars.  The will of Benjamin Shout of 1811 indicates that Benjamin had a 1/3 share in the vessel.

screenhunter_53-nov-29-20-36Daily Ledger & Public Advertiser  5 July 1805screenhunter_54-dec-02-20-56




                                                                                                            Daily Ledger and Public Advertiser 04 September 1812


Their first two children were possibly named after voyages he had made –

Mary Montevideo (1808 – ) married Wonderful Chertsey ( 1809 – 1853) in 1832 in St Leonards church Shoreditch, London. He was a glass maker but no further details have been found in census or death records. Wonderful was a member of the Guild of Glassmakers but their information is  limited to his membership of the guild. No children have been found. An address is given in the 1842 will of her brother John Shout of Bishopwearmouth.

The Examiner October 1853 has an item regarding the death of Wonderful Chertsey.

In 1871, Mary Chertsey is recorded as a widowed domestic servant in the Parish of St Andrew Hubbard, as can be seen below:

Her place of birth is shown as South America – this is too much of a coincidence for this not to be Mary Montevideo  – isn’t it!?


On 19th December 1809, the General Greenfield was listed in Lloyds List as taking shelter from a heavy storm, in Ramsgate harbour while en route to the Mediterranean. James Tagus was apparently born in 1809 in Lisbon(1809  – 1872) ;

He was a witness at the marriage of his sister Mary Montevideo noted above.

His occupation was Pawnbroker and silversmith in Knightsbridge, London married Jane Margaret Page 1840 in Shoreditch. The internet has mentions of him and items which he sold.

James and Jane  had children  Caroline Ann; James Tagus; William; Christopher,  and Catherine.

The remainder of John and Anne’s children- all born later-  had more “normal” names.

Ann Elizabeth (1815 – 1860);

The first three children were baptised in Portsmouth but the rest in London

Jane Sarah (1817 – ); witness at the marriage of Mary Montevideo

Margaret Rebecca (1819 – ); married John Bland Smith in Shoreditch 1843. He was a linen waterproofer and employed several men and boys. They had 5 children between 1845 and 1862, but in light of the surname no research has been carried out at this stage!!

George Richards (1821 – );

Thomas Hammond (1824 – 1879). Mahogany importer and dealer. I have details of an action against him in the Court of Chancery in dispute with his business partner. More details to come…

Margaret Rebecca and George Richards are both shown as attending Reeds School in Cobham, Surrey between the years 1828 – 36. This was a school for orphans. The records, held by Surrey History Centre with transcriptions on Find My Past Institutions & Organisations Collection, show that there were a total of 9 children of which 5 were still dependent, which ties in neatly with what is known.

There is also a supposed son John (  – 1842) whose date of birth I cannot find. The count of nine children mentioned above would seem to confirm his relationship. The only link I have made is that in his will dated 1841 he leaves everything to his sister Mary Montivideo Chertsey ( changed a few months later in a codicil to include Elizabeth Palmer a widow of Bishopwearmouth where he died).

I am trying to find details of another possible son – Robert Grinfield Shout – who lived in Jamaica. more details of him are to found on the Jamaica page.  I think that possibly he was born as the second child, between John and Mary montevideo, bearing in mind the 10 year gap between these two, whereas all other children were born much closer together.