Shout as a middle name

On a number of occasions the Shout surname has been used  as a middle name. This is especially true of the children of the daughters of Robert  Shout (II)

Robert Shout Douglas of whom more can be found in the Sunderland pages

Robert Shout Ashton (1788 – 1820) son of Mary Shout and Joshua Ashton of Sunderland. Died in Skirbeck Lincolnshire

James Shout Frain, great grandson of Joseph Shout of South Shields Son of Margaret Shout and her second husband William Frain  who she married after the death of William Leonard Madgen

Mathew Shout Hardcastle (1811 – 1884)   born and died in Sunderland. Married Margaret Nesbitt ( -died before 1861) in Newcastle in 1841.  Their eldest son was John Shout Hardcastle (1842 – 1859 ) . In the 1861 census Mathew is living alone, listed as a widower. His daughter Hannah is possibly working as a house servant

Robert Shout Mordey (1799 – 1802) son of Thomas Mordey and Jane Shout

Henry Shout Mordey  (1846 – 1878)   son of Christopher Thompson Mordey (1812 –  1876) and Christiana Shout (1815 – 1885) Note Christiana was a member of the Lincolnshire branch of the family and married  Christopher in Boston in 1837 before they returned to Sunderland

Robert Shout Mordey (1851 – 1863)  son of Christopher Thompson Mordey  and Christiana Shout