July 2018

It has certainly been a hot month but no Hot discoveries unfortunately!

I have recently started trying to pin down some of the DEVON connections.

There are several instances of SHOUT baptisms, marriages or burials in the FamilySearch.org website. There are also a number of occurrences in the 1841 and 1851 censuses on the big three UK genealogical sites. I am in the throes of trying to identify which families can be reconstructed so it may take some time for this to materialise.

If you go to the Devon page you will find what has been worked out thus far (although research at the relevant archives is desirable…!) This is still a work in progress and basically an hypothesis rather than confirmed fact.

Other than that I am still trying to fill in gaps (dates etc) in my tree.

Good hunting!


Author: Alan

Born 1947 in Hampshire, England. Now retired from working in various places around the world on telecommunications. Been working on my family history for the past thirty years.

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