June 2018

Well, having returned from an idyllic couple of weeks holiday  in Madeira I’m getting down to updating all my pages which had copies of items from Ancestry, Find My Past etc and were thus in danger of contravening copyright as mentioned in my May post. Wherever possible I will try to include a link to the original source.

In addition, to do something more interesting I have embarked on looking into some of the overseas instances of the name – starting with New Zealand. This then turned up some anomalies in my Family Historian Records so I am having to check / correct some of those entries too.

I have also found a line of Shouts in Jamaica who ended up in New York – but they are a job for another day!!


Author: Alan

Born 1947 in Hampshire, England. Now retired from working in various places around the world on telecommunications. Been working on my family history for the past thirty years.

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