March 2018

This month has been taken up mainly with researching, collating and writing up the families of Benjamin and Robert Shout the statuaries of Holborn.  They seem to have established themselves as fairly wealthy with their names appearing in many land tax and poor law returns in various parts of London. There are many examples of their work on the internet and I hope to get to view some of them.

Many of the children of Charles Lutwyche are listed in censuses as being of independent means. Charles’ will is long and particularly convoluted (to a non lawyer at least) leaving much of his estate in trusts – but not clear who benefits from them.

I have just “found” another Major Shout – he is on the list of “unknowns” as the only information I have so far is his burial in 1737.

Come back again next month to see what else has turned up!

Author: Alan

Born 1947 in Hampshire, England. Now retired from working in various places around the world on telecommunications. Been working on my family history for the past thirty years.

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