October 2017

I have had some success in tracking the family of Wonderful Chertsey who married Mary Montevideo Shout. It doesn’t move us forward in the Shout line but was an interesting diversion. Wonderful was in business with his father as a painter and glazier in the East End of London.

Unfortunately I seem to be easily diverted from my defined research plan!! When something pops up in an on line search off I go…

I  had an interesting day at the London Metropolitan Archives recently. I spent most of the time looking at copies of the Sun Insurance ledgers of policies taken out by Benjamin, Robert, James Tagus, and Joseph Shout. Joseph was a greengrocer in Molton St. but where does he originate from? Another one for the “Ones I can’t place” page!

I have also had a weeks holiday in Portugal. Every time I go to Lisbon and see the River Tagus I contemplate the activities of John Shout the ship owner and his son James Tagus. – but never find anything out!


Author: Alan

Born 1947 in Hampshire, England. Now retired from working in various places around the world on telecommunications. Been working on my family history for the past thirty years.

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