The line of the family from which I descend originates in the North Riding of Yorkshire.  Though whether the Shout name was brought to Yorkshire from the West of England or developed as a totally independent group is still to be determined. But I fear that may be too much of a stretch…

The first person found in Yorkshire so far with the name is William Shout christened in Askwith in Wharfedale in 1676 (or 1678) He married Mary Thomson on or after 25th May 1702 by licence at Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, York. In the register he is shown as William Shutt.

I believe that William was a stone mason and that judging by the locations of the baptisms of his children moved around within Yorkshire, probably working on building projects. His eldest children were baptised in Bulmer and his residence is shown as Welburne. This is near Castle Howard which was built from about 1702, although not finished for several decades. By 1720 his children’s baptisms are recorded in Helmsley. At this time the nearby  Duncombe House was being built so I believe it highly probable that William followed the work opportunities from one large house to another. William died at Helmsley in 1724.

William and Mary had the following children

William      –  1778;

Robert  1702 – 1771;

John  1712 –   ?;

Unnamed Female 1714 – ? ;

Bridget 1716 – . There is a burial recorded in Weston 31 January 1719. But there is also a marriage recorded 21 August 1740 in St Michael le Belfry York. Which Bridget is which!?

Isaac   1720 – 1720;

Benjamin 1723 –    ?;

Joseph  1723 –    ?