The market town of Helmsley, is 6 miles from Kirkbymoorside, 16 from Malton, and 23 from York.

In the early 1700s William Shout moved to Helmsley. He and his wife Mary Thomson had eight children, most of whom died before reaching adulthood.

Robert (I) was the eldest child of William . There is a page dedicated to his professional activities located  here. This current page details his family and social facts

Robert married Ann Noble  in 1724. In 1728 they had a son John, sadly Ann and John both died within that same year – I wonder if this was caused during his birth.

In 1729 Robert married his second wife, Margaret Driffield (1712 – 1780). They had 9 sons and 3 daughters. These are

Jane (1731 -),

William (1733 – 1741),

Robert II (1734 – 1797),

Thomas (1736 – ),

John (1738 – 1781),

Joseph (1740 – ),

Mary (1742 – 1746),

Margaret (1744 – ), married Marmaduke Huthwaite a tailor of Stokesley

Benjamin (1746 – 1827), the statuary in London

William (1748 – 1826), the master mason at York Minster

James (1751 – ),married Elizabeth Kirkley 1775 in Gateshead. James was also a stonemason and worked on the Sunderland Pier for the period September 1779 – December 1780 before the position was taken on by his brother.

Matthew (1753 – 1773)

The offspring shown in bold  type are described further in the supplementary pages accessed by using the link. There seems to again be a considerable loss of children.

Both Robert Sr and Jr served as Churchwardens and records of their signatures can be found on parish documents and Court Leet documents at North Yorkshire Archives  in Northallerton

From Helmsley the family appears to have migrated a few miles up the road to Stokesley by about the 1770s although Robert Sr died in 1771 and was buried in Helmsley. His memorial is shown below  copied from the brilliant site gravestonephotos.com

photo of grave for Rob Shout

Although it is difficult to read I believe it records the deaths of Robert (1771) and his wife Margaret (1780) and their son who died in 1777 aged about 20. I have not been able to identify this person so far as I have no one whose  date of birth is 1757 but I suspect that it might be Mathew (1753 -1773). The memorial was “erected” for want of a better word by sons, Benjamin and Robert.