George Shout (1771 – 1831)  had three children with his first wife – Jane Cains (1770 – 1805) namely Sarah (1794 – 1796 ), Helen (1796 – 1796), Edward (1798 – 1800).

As was mentioned on the Stokesley page, George had been in the North Yorkshire Militia, prior to his move   to Richmond , possibly because it was the headquarters of the Militia. In 1824 he opened a school room (according to family legend but which I am unable to confirm), and was latterly a solicitors clerk. His son James describes him as an accountant on his marriage certificate to Sarah Ann Clayton.

George  married his second wife Barbara Blenkison(or Blenkiron) (1777 – 1853) in 1809, and they  had family comprising

Mary Ann (1817 – 1892),

James (1820 – 1886), James had 1 child with his first wife Mary Craven (1821 – 1858); Jane (1845 – );  and a further 5 with his second wife Sarah Ann Clayton (nee Carter) (1825 – 1896) In the 1860s James and his family lived in Bradford where he worked as a cordwainer but by 1881 they had returned to Richmond. James and Mary split before 1851 with James having a relationship with Sarah Ann, married at the time to Matthew Clayton – also a cordwainer, prior to them marrying in 1865 some 7 years after the death of Matthew

     George Clayton (1856 – 1858);

     Mark William (1857 – 1936); married Ann Blackburn  and they had three children. They moved to Charlton, Kent, where Mark worked as a metal planer at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich.

     Tom (1859 – 1864);

     Arthur (1861 – 1940);married Agnes Winn  and they had four children. Agnes died in 1903 and Arthur married Emma Keeling in 1904 and they went on to have three children.

     George (my great grandfather)( 1863 – 1928) ; married Isabella Earl and had eight children. More details can be found on the Hartlepool page.

     William (1865 – 1939);married Sarah Jane Drew and had two children. William died in the early days of WW2 when he was hit by a trolley bus in the blackout. He had been a significant member of the Trades Union movement in Hartlepool. More detail on the Hartlepool page.

     Mary Emma (1867 – 1961). married Henry Heslewood and appear to have led the migration to the growing Hartlepool. They also moved to Kent where Henry was a metal worker.


John (1823 – 1895). John had 6 children with his wife Grace Ainsworth (1826 – 1894) John was a plumber and glazier but in 1864 he was found guilty of stealing 36 stones of lead from the roof of Hornby Castle, for which he was jailed for 4 months. Clearly they suffered the loss of several children within their first months of life. Unfortunately the price of death certificates from the Public Record Office precludes investigation of their demise.

George (1849 – 1929); followed his father in the plumbing trade. He married Mary Taylor in 1876 in Gainsborough. I have not found any family for them.

James William (1853 -) birth registered in Knaresborough. He may have attempted to run away to sea as there is a record of James William Shout, age 16, having his apprentice indenture aboard vessel “John Cock” at Middlesborough cancelled on receipt of an  existing indenture from North Yorkshire but nothing after the 1771 census

John (1859 – 1859); Frederick (1860 – 1860); Eliza (1862 – 1862); Louisa (1863 – 1863).